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Dawn provides personalized insights and coaching to help you overcome insomnia.

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Improved my sleep & general health
Ilya Volodarsky Co-Founder at Segment
Major life improvement
Andrew Keller Co-Founder at Elicient
I thought I was out of options to improve my sleep.
Mike Sanchez Student

Improve your sleep with a safe, evidence-based program, guided by trained sleep coaches.

Dawn utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I), an evidence-based, first-line therapy recommended by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, to transform your sleep.

Most sleep problems stem from the way people think and behave about their sleep. It is impossible for your body to forget how to sleep, but it is very possible for you to lose confidence in that ability.

This is the major counter-intuitive part about sleeping problems. The lost confidence leads to the same results as losing your ability to sleep. With education,habit change, and patience, anybody with sleeping problems can regain their confidence and their ability to sleep naturally.
Andreas Meistad Therapist & Sleep Coach

How it works

The journey to overcome your sleep problems can be daunting — Dawn is there to support you for the long haul. Visualize this through the lens of our user Jeff.

Meet Dawn

Jeff meets Dawn

Jeff chats with a Dawn sleep specialist and receives a tour of the
app. He is given a personalized sleep plan to follow.

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Week 1

Jeff follows his personalized sleep plan and Dawn tracks his sleep every night. His sleep coach answers any questions he has and provides advice.


Week 2

Jeff is starting to see his sleep improve, slowly but surely. His coach continues to provide support and accompany Jeff on his journey to better sleep.


Week 3

Jeff's sleep window increases, as more and more of his time in bed is spent asleep. He is sleeping better.


Week 4

Jeff is consistently waking up refreshed, and his sleep anxiety has drastically decreased. He falls asleep much quicker than before and wakes up during the night far less frequently.



Jeff is healthier, happier, and more productive. His sleep has vastly
improved — by following a sleep plan tailored to him, he has discovered the
keys to quality sleep.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dawn pairs you with a sleep coach that is available over chat within the app. Your coach will answer any questions you have and personalize the program for you based on your needs. Our coaches are trained in CBT-I and have helped patients adhere to a program and improve their sleep.

Having a coach also ensures accountability which is the most important part of a behavioral change program. Our coaches will motivate, hold you accountable and ensure that you have success and meet your goals.

Most of our patients to use Dawn 5 minutes a day and stick to the program for 3 months.

Dawn requires that you are able to keep a consistent wake-up time for at least 4 weeks. If you are planning any international travel, we recommend trying Dawn after you are over jet lag.

Dawn is happy to purchase an Apple Watch and lend it to you while you are a member. If the Apple Watch stops working or breaks, you can return it to us for a free-of-charge replacement. If the Apple Watch is lost or stolen, your deposit will be used to cover the purchase price of the watch.

If you cancel your membership decide you don’t wish to keep the watch, we will send you a prepaid label to return the watch and charger and return your $200 deposit.

Dawn currently costs $29/month. Most users only need Dawn for about 3 months to see improved sleep.

Yes! Please tell your therapist that you plan to try a CBT-I program. Many of them are extremely supportive of behavioral change programs.

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