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Dawn is confident that by building an effective and scalable standard of care for insomnia treatment, we can have life-changing results for our patients and make a dent in the ever-increasing healthcare spend in the United States.


You are unique, and we care about what's important to you. A core part of our approach is to tailor our therapy to you and your needs.


We think that gold standard therapy should be attainable for all. Our mission is to give you access to the tools you need to sleep better.


We care about what works. Our goal is to ensure we offer services that have been proven effective by the scientific method.

Our Team

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Rahul Shivkumar
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Andreas Meistad
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Varun Krishnamurthy
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Amanda Xaypraseuth
Founding Designer
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Faizan Minhas
Founding Engineer
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Dr. Colleen Ehrnstrom
Clinical Advisor
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Dr. Kristen Casey
Clinical Advisor


Kindred Ventures
Kevin Lin
Co-Founder of Twitch
Eoghan McCabe
Co-Founder of Intercom
Tom McInerney
Founder of TGM Ventures
Ilya Volodarsky
Co-Founder of Segment
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