Dawn has improved sleep for thousands of customers

Sleeping shouldn’t be hard, so we designed a CBT-I based program that makes it easier. Most customers sleep better after 6 sessions with a Dawn therapist.


less time needed to fall asleep


less time awake in the middle of the night


decrease in ISI symptoms

90 min

increase in total sleep time

Based on users who followed the program for 1 month or more

“You will sleep soon. I swear.”

“I had a really great experience with Dawn because I’m now sleeping through the night...I really like the structure of how it [Dawn] works and the lessons were really helpful in understanding that I’m normal.”

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Jocelyn DilesFeminine Embodiment Coach
Who uses Dawn?

Our patients range from new parents who struggled with insomnia to office workers who could not stop stressing as they tried to sleep. We have helped patients ages 18, to 70, with some just recently beginning to struggle with sleep and others who have been fighting to sleep for years before consulting with Dawn.

The only approach that has tangibly improved my sleep quality in the long run it is simple, long-lasting and sustainable.

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Ilya Volodarsky
Co-Founder at Segment

I've spent a lot of money trying different things for my sleep. Dawn's CBT-I program was the only thing that made a difference.

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Kevin Lin
Co-Founder at Twitch

I have been falling asleep within 10-15 mins. Dawn has been a huge improvement to my life and I’m really glad I gave it a try.

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Andrew Keller
Co-Founder at Elicient

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No more insomnia
I saw a reddit user said he was successful with this app. Thats why I have it a try. Before Sleepedy, I get zero sleep a night, continued for days after. After using this for 2 week, i start sleeping 2-4 hour/night. 3 rd week it increased to 6 hours. Im on week 4 and sleeping 7.5 hours/night. The coaches are so responsive and easy to reach to answer your questions and cheer you up. Takes less than 5 mins to fall as sleep. If you should know, I spent almost lots of money on every other methods: hypnosis, psychiatrist, working out...you name it. I spent lots of time crying hopelessly and thought I would never sleep again. If you suffer like I do, give it a try. I promise, you will sleep.
Sleeping soundly again!
I recently started not sleeping almost at all. I was actually using reddit to ask other people for their method of fixing their sleep schedule when a kind user recommended this app! It was very helpful for setting sleep goals and was especially nice to be able to talk with a sleep coach. Highly recommend!
Major life improvement
I came across Sleepedy not knowing about CBT-I before, but was encouraged by all of the science behind it. I am a little over 3 weeks in to the program now and my sleep has changed dramatically for the better. I previously dreaded bed time because of the trouble I had falling asleep, most nights wasting hours in bed before I was able to fall asleep. I now have been keeping a regular sleep schedule and have been falling asleep within 10-15 mins... something I was never able to do before. I am now also waking up during the night less (before Sleepedy I would wake at least 3 times during the night, I’m now down to 0 or 1). The app has made it really easy to track my progress and stay accountable to myself. Sleepedy has been a huge improvement to my life and I’m real glad I gave it a try.
Great start for a well-needed app!
I tried this app when it was first released. The user experience is quite slick and well-crafted, and one can see that a lot of effort took place during its implementation.
After adding my sleep information, I was immediately paired with a sleep expert. It’s still early to say whether the application will truly help improve my overall sleep, but I can certainly say that I am feeling more confident when it comes to finding the right resources for sleep improvement. The simple knowledge base in the application has already made me more cognizant of the daily activities that may affect my sleep. Having an assigned sleep expert is also very beneficial since one can ask questions and discuss any concerns, and receive advice almost immediately.

Looking forward to see how this application evolves
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