Sleep Therapy

Dawn’s evidence-based CBT-I sleep therapy can treat various forms of insomnia and sleep problems to help you sleep better.

What is sleep restriction therapy?

Lying in bed for an extended period of time while awake can become a habit that eventually leads to poor sleep. Sleep restriction therapy, which is one of the most important behavioral interventions in CBT-I, shortens your time in bed. This increases your sleep drive, which is the innate force that causes you to fall asleep and stay asleep. In other words, sleep restriction increases the factors that allow you to sleep to outweigh the ones keeping you awake.

Sleep restriction aims to give you an understanding of being able to sleep without the stressful experience of overthinking it. You won't have to restrict your sleep forever, though. Once your sleep has improved, you can progressively increase the amount of time you spend in bed.

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Why CBT-I?

Behavioral changes are amongst the most powerful methods for bringing about change. CBT-I is a systematic program that helps identify and replace thoughts and behaviors causing your sleep difficulties. It reframes your view of sleep, so you spend more time sleeping and less worrying about it.

Unlike medications, sleep therapy addresses the fundamental reasons for your sleep issues. In fact, research shows sleep therapy is more effective than sleeping pills in treating insomnia. It helps you calm your mind, adjust your thoughts and your routine. This means you sleep deeper and longer.

Dawn's Sleep Therapy Approach

  • 1:1 coaching with sleep experts that genuinely care and are trained in CBT-I protocol
  • A proven program designed specifically for you
  • Seamless integration into your daily schedule
  • A dedicated app to automatically track your progress.

The only approach that has tangibly improved my sleep quality in the long run; it is simple, long-lasting and sustainable.

Ilya Volodarky
Co-founder at Segment

How Dawn Works

Complete Questionnaire

Complete our 5 minute questionnaire to see if you are a fit for our sleep program.

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Download the Dawn app, get introduced to your sleep coach, and work 1:1 with them.

Begin the Program

Identify harmful sleep efforts and get recommended behavioral changes from your coach.

Receive Ongoing Care

Our coaches are available at any time to answer any questions and change your program regimen.

Medically reviewed by

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Dr. Colleen Ehrnstrom, PhD

Dr. Colleen Ehrnstrom is a licensed clinical psychologist with a specialty practice in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Areas of expertise include insomnia and other sleep disorders, anxiety, and depression.

Dr. Ehrnstrom is not a medical provider and is not providing any recommendations regarding medications. Rather, she is sharing and reviewing the research as it relates to education when learning how best to treat insomnia.

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