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Oct 17, 20215 min read
The Effects of Lack of Sleep: Sleep Deprivation Symptoms & Treatment

Sleep deprivation is common, but can pose serious issues if persistent. Learn about how much sleep you need, short and long-term effects of sleep deprivation, and how to get more sleep.

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Oct 11, 20215 min read
Seasonal Insomnia: Fact or Fiction?

Whether seasonal insomnia has a direct impact on chronic insomnia is debatable. Read about the facts and how to sleep better regardless of the weather.

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Oct 11, 20214 min read
Sleep Maintenance/Middle Insomnia: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Sleep-maintenance insomnia, also known as middle insomnia, is a common form of insomnia. Read more about what it is, what can cause it, and how to treat it.

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Oct 11, 20214 min read
COVID and insomnia: Can COVID cause insomnia?

The pandemic has affected the way that we sleep, whether you have COVID or not. Looking beyond being sick, COVID has caused stress and anxiety. Learn how COVID can impact your sleep.

Pregnant woman holding belly
Oct 3, 20215 min read
Pregnancy insomnia: What's affecting your sleep during pregnancy?

Wondering why you're struggling to sleep during early pregnancy? Learn how changes to your body are causing insomnia, and how to deal with pregnancy insomnia.

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Aug 30, 20215 min read
Can insomnia be cured?

Wondering if your insomnia can be cured, or how to treat your insomnia? Learn all about insomnia and how to cure it with CBT-I today.

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Aug 23, 20214 min read
What is sleep-onset insomnia?

Learn the definition of sleep latency, how unhealthy sleep latency may cause sleep-onset insomnia, and how to treat sleep-onset insomnia with Dawn!

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Aug 23, 20213 min read
Hyperarousal insomnia: Definition, Symptoms, and Treatment

What is hyperarousal, how does it cause insomnia, and how do you treat it? Learn all about hyperarousal insomnia and CBT-I treatment with Dawn.

Girl awake at night
Aug 18, 20214 min read
Rebound insomnia

What is rebound insomnia? How long does it last? Read on to learn how to treat insomnia from abruptly stopping your sleep medication.

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Aug 5, 20214 min read
How to go to sleep when you're feeling anxious

Can't sleep due to anxiety? Learn how to sleep better despite anxiety keeping you awake with Dawn Health's guide on how to go to sleep when you're feeling anxious.

Woman walking with cup and pillow
Aug 5, 20215 min read
Ways to overcome insomnia without antidepressants

Curing chronic insomnia without drugs is entirely possible. Read about various ways to overcome your insomnia without prescription medicine.

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Jul 19, 20213 min read
5 Must-Know Tips for Better Sleep Hygiene and Wellness

Check out our top 5 tips for getting the most out of your sleep and reducing short-term sleep problems.

Picture of a board that reads difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations.
Jul 13, 202116 min read
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I)

What is CBT-I? How does it work? Learn all about cognitive behavioral therapy, how it treats insomnia, the CBT triangle, and more with Dawn’s guide to CBT for insomnia.

A woman sleeping
Jun 20, 20213 min read
Paradoxical insomnia at a glance: Causes, Treatment, and Anxiety

Do you struggle with paradoxical insomnia or want to know more about it? Discover the causes and treatment for paradoxical insomnia and its link to anxiety.

A koala sleeping
Jun 11, 20215 min read
Learning how to fix your sleep isn't easy, but it's possible

Having trouble falling asleep and developing anxiety about falling asleep? Follow Rahul’s journey to better sleep and how he ended up sleeping 7 hours a night.

A woman awake in bed
Jun 5, 20214 min read
What is psychophysiological insomnia?

What is psychophysiological insomnia? Learn the definition, what causes it and how you can treat it with Dawn Health’s evidence-based CBT-I.