Hand holding pill between index finger and thumb
Dec 19, 20213 min read
Is Melatonin Bad for You?
Melatonin is a common OTC sleep aid that is considered a short-term solution. Learn about what it actually does to your body, whether it's safe to take it every night, and alternatives.
Picture of a board that reads difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations.
Dec 19, 202117 min read
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I)
What is CBT-I? How does it work? Learn all about cognitive behavioral therapy, how it treats insomnia, the CBT triangle, and more with Dawn’s guide to CBT for insomnia.
Girl standing at bright window in dark room
Oct 31, 20216 min read
Mirtazapine for Sleep: Uses, Side Effects & Alternative Insomnia Treatments
Mirtazapine may be prescribed to you for depression-related insomnia. Before you begin, or if you are weaning off of mirtazapine, learn about side effects related to sleep and other ways to treat your insomnia.
Working at computer as the sun sets
Oct 11, 20215 min read
Seasonal Insomnia: Fact or Fiction?
Whether seasonal insomnia has a direct impact on chronic insomnia is debatable. Read about the facts and how to sleep better regardless of the weather.
Girl awake laying in bed
Oct 11, 20214 min read
Sleep Maintenance/Middle Insomnia: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment
Sleep-maintenance insomnia, also known as middle insomnia, is a common form of insomnia. Read more about what it is, what can cause it, and how to treat it.
Masks hanging on wall
Oct 11, 20214 min read
COVID and insomnia: Can COVID cause insomnia?
The pandemic has affected the way that we sleep, whether you have COVID or not. Looking beyond being sick, COVID has caused stress and anxiety. Learn how COVID can impact your sleep.